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421 Oak Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

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 Welcome, Huanyíng  欢迎



  About Liuzhou


  • Became a Sister City: May 5, 1988

  • Population: 3,545,500

  • Land Area: 7,211 miles

  • Distance from Fountain Square: 7968 miles


Click for detailed information about Liuzhou

Located on the banks of the winding Liu River in the Guangxi Province, this prosperous cultural and industrial city of 1.4 million is located in Southern China.


Founded 2100 years ago, Liuzhou is known for its beautiful landscapes that have inspired Chinese artists since 1700 BC. Caves and gnarly stones, karsts and hills are complemented by numerous archeological sites. Its national parks feature architectural displays characteristic of structures built by China’s minority inhabitants.


To discover a recently donated collection of Liuzhou artifacts, visit our downtown library.


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HS Connection, Executive committee

Gene Jessee



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