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Sister City Activities and Events: Cincinnati  established Sister City relationship with New Taipei City (previous Taipei County) in 1994. Since then, there have been numerous visits; cultural exhibitions have taken place in both cities by different local groups and associations.


 There are several universities in New Taipei City, including the National Taipei University, the National Taiwan University of the Arts, Ming-chi University of Science and Technology, and more.  Many students from Taiwan study abroad.


 Taiwanese culture reflects its varied history, as it exhibits a blend of Chinese, Japanese, and Western influences.   The indigenous cultures of Taiwan have a place in its cultural scene, as well – the island nation has a television network that solely promotes the indigenous cultures of Taiwan, and the Council for Cultural Affairs plans to revitalize indigenous cultures.  Each tribe is known for a different craft or tradition – woodcarving, pottery, dance, and music are all different.  Taiwan has more than 400 museums.


New Taipei City  boasts  excellent industrial advantages and prospective strategic planning. New Taipei City is among the top three cities in the global market in terms of IT product production volume, securing more than 50% of the global market share for products such as motherboards, notebook PCs, LCD monitors and CRT monitors. The total value of IT industries in New Taipei City  amounts to NT$ 879.8 billion, which translates to 42.84% of the national IT sectors and places New Taipei City as the no.1 municipality in Taiwan in this area.

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