Our news Sept-Dec 2015

November and December: Try **Lo-si-fen our sister city  Liuzhou’s famous spicy escargot soup螺蛳粉 was served at the Oriental wok November  15-22  and taste other delicacies from Luzhou!



              Oriental Wok’s chefs , both Susanna and Guy

              For our first chef’s Exchange, to Liuzhou did fly. 

              Cin-liu Sister City, which helped plan the trip,

              knows all these new dishes will just make you flip.


              For all Cincinnatians, we will give the call,

              Come once or come often, come one and come all.

              From November fifteen through the day twenty-two,

              Eat noodles and salads prepared just for you.


             As your taste buds will tell you, our chefs had their turn,

             Now it’s Liuzhou’s chance for their own chefs to learn.

             To reciprocate our exchange, we need “yuan”*, 

             So feast on the goodies, and try Lo-si-fen**.


Oriental Wok donated 20% of your dinner’s bill to the Cincinnati-Liuzhou Sister City Committee’s reciprocal Chef’s Exchange Program A) 

Oriental Wok

2444 Madison Rd

(513) 871-6888

 October 4th. Cincinnati Yoga Day with Lilias Folan

The event was a huge sucess with over 200 visitors and over  20 yoga studios in attendance