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On Saturday, August 15, 5:30 PM at the Hindu Temple of Cincinnati, India sister city members celebrated Indian Style Freedom Kite-Fest  followed by singing of India’s National Anthem

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A1 Celebrations in Mysore

India Sister City Celebrates India's Independence Day

       August is New Taipei City Month in Cincinnati

News from Beth Tu,  President, Cin-Liu relationship on their 28 anniversary celebrations at Liuzhou in June -July 2015

The government of LZ showed utmost generosity of time and expense and graciousness in their hospitality, meeting a variety of requests, leaving everyone satisfied all the time. We had two non Cincinnatians among us one of whom was born in Tianjin. She now claims Liuzhou as her Chinese home.  She and her sister were blown away by our history with LZ and lasting friendship. Vicky Huang from LZFAO and Wendy Zhang from Long Tan Park and Tammy from the Bureau of Urban Planning, all from TE 13 played an integral part in the well planned reception we received as “honored guests." I hope we can match them in their enthusiasm as well as in deed, when it is our turn this fall.  


In addition to the MOU signed, the outcome of meetings held with LZFAO and the Bureau of Landscape and Gardens confirmed in 6 future additional line item exchanges in spirit.


Higher level of urban development related parks and landscape management exchange .  The first exchange (35 hours) will take place in September 2015 which will lead to annual in-depth and 2-week management training in the winter.

At the reciprocal visit this fall, higher level city to city level exchanges will be discussed with Mayor Cranley with Gerald Checco at the helm. This will include economic development related exchanges.


 The delegation coming this fall for a reciprocal visit for 3-4 days will consist of the following officers:

1) A mayor or vice mayor representative

2) An Economic Development representative

3) A Tourism Bureau representative

4) An Education Bureau representative

5) A Landscape and Gardens Bureau representative 

6) An interpreter


While we have your attention,we are looking for 5 volunteer dinner hosts to provide five guests each a “taste of an American home cooking”  for  this coming October. Transportation and Interpreters will be provided for this one-night cultural exchange.


Madcap Puppet will be performing in LZ (pending on proposal) and provide a service exchange that is education related.  Madcap Productions is based in Cincinnati. Led by creative director John Lewandowski, Nanning Puppeteers will be invited to attend Madcap’s international puppet festival in  2017.  They are an old and formidable puppet production.  They will join other international guests in 2017.


LZFAO is very interested in inviting Madcap Production to perform in LZ for a fee.  This proposal will be presented to LZFAO in the near future. Madcap may also provide a volunteer component to provide “educational services,” similar to what they are doing at Children’s Hospital, in keeping with our sister city exchange spirit.


 2016:  More Friendship Park art Phase III were decided for June or September 2016 artists’ exchange.

In 2008, the Roebling Bridge was built and the Friendship Park became a huge attraction at

Long Tan Park.  The Bridge’s 4 columns were installed with 8 copper plates, designed by Jan

Checco and Prof. He Zhenhai.  This park art was officially opened this June when we were

there with a ribbon ceremony represented by Gerald on behalf of Mayor Cranley.  The Queen

City Plaza at one end of the bridge will be crowned next year with 7 jewels made of ceramic

sculptures designed and fabricated by local artists from LZ and Cincinnati, headed by Jan.

The Friendship Park has matured and looks exactly like it was conceived in 2008 by the volunteer

design team Kelly Kolar Design and Human Nature (Cincinnati design and landscape architectural




 Reciprocal Chefs Exchange is planned for this fall.  Based on results so far, our Cincinnati chefs would love to help find us more Cincinnati chefs for future exchanges.


Oriental Wok’s Guy Burgess and Susanna Wong Burgess and their two children Ming Waih and Ming Faih were Cincinnati’s first culinary ambassadors for the 2015 Cin-Liu Chefs Exchange.  The host was Jing Du Hotel. Their counterpart was Chef Wong.  As Chef Guy said, "Chef Wong needed no training in western culinary cuisine.  The key is to make western food palatable to the Chinese."  So the exchange had to be flexible and fun for all.  The TE reunion dinner was held at the Jing Du with Chinese dishes made jointly by both chefs.  Can you imagine eating a Chinese banquet replete with Clams WOKafeller and BEEF WELLINGTON served Chinese style?  They were absolutely delicious!! I learned how to make an avocado salad from this banquet and I ate TWO CHOCOLATE MOUSSE for dessert. In addition to being a most memorable reunion because Kathy Richardson was present, everyone (40+TE alumni) agreed that this was the BEST TASTING reunion banquet ever held, an exemplary experience of EAST MEETS WEST.  


Jillian (TE 7), who works for LZ’s Children’s Cultural Center , created a two-week culture program for Ming Waih and Ming Faih where they practiced Chinese, learned about calligraphy, Chinese music, and other arts.  They also visited area schools where they introduced baseball. 


For a break in between the two-week exchange, the Burgess Wong family met our delegation in Guilin for the weekend. The Burgess Wong family had a great time all in all.  They are very excited to host the reciprocal visit by Chef Wong.   We are very grateful for Guy and Susanna's ambassadorship in the culinary exchange and for Ming Waih and Ming Faih in baseball and in demonstrating the corn hole game.



It is fitting and expected for two cities to evolve into a high-level and in-depth relationship.  I am excited about this evolution and our connection to City Hall through Gerald Checco, where both cities can benefit mutually through a higher level exchange, such as targeted management training workshops.  In advance, I want to thank Gerald, director of our everyday department and Jan, local artist for their past gracious and generous contribution to our many and varied park and art exchange projects and look forward to more in the next few years. On the cultural / art side, I am equally excited about Madcap Production’s participation in a potential project through education and service to both adults and children.  Once technology is transferred, as with management training, their legacies or footprint in Liuzhou is permanent.


Another legacy we left in LZ, as a symbol of our 25 year friendship was the introduction of the corn hole game, as seen below demonstrated by Ming Waih  and Ming Faih Burgess.  Long Tan Park’s carpenters made the first gift to spec because shipping was too cost prohibitive.  Blue print and instructions came from the official corn hole web site.  Wendy Zhang (TE 13) from Long Tan Park said that Long Tan Park plans to mass produce the corn hole game and introduce it to the park visitors. Jan suggested we hold a corn hole art contest locally at home, where the winners will have their art painted on all the Park made corn hole games.  Can you envision this game spreading throughout China?  The Chinese name for this game is now called Cincinnati Sack Throwing Game

Amman and Cincinnati become Sisters on June 12th.


Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley  welcomed Akel Biltaji to the Queen City Thursday. A formal signing ceremony to begin the Sister City relationship was held at 9:30 a.m. Friday in council chambers at City Hall, 801 Plum St.


 Cincinnati and Amman have the world's two largest collections of Nabatean art. mayor Cranley hopes  the  collections of the two counties will  be put on display in each other's country. The new relationship will also promote tourism Park development and economic development between the two cities.


Mayor Cranley hosted a dinner for the Mayor of Amman on Thursday. Over 200 Jordanian Cincinnatians attended the event together with representatives of the other eight sister cities.

Munich Sister City  Relationship Celebrates 25th Anniversary

 June 8th - 12th Declared by Mayor Cranley as "Munich-Cincinnati Sister City Week

The major events of this German themed week organized by VP Ute Papke  included:


June 8th Photography Exhibition, Reception 5-7PM: Month-long photography exhibit in the Aronoff/Weston Gallery featuring the works of prominent Cincinnati Photographer Tom Schiff and Munich Photographer Peter Schmitt. 

June 9th-10Th The Industry 4.0 Conference :examined how to fully integrate advances in information and computer technology into the industrial processes of today's businesses and government.   UC's Dr. Jay Lee, IMS, and TechSolve, conducted this second "game changing" German-US conference.

June 9th Riverboat Cruise 7-9:30 pm:

June !0th Beer Tasting and Fashion Show 6-10PM: At the Christian Moerlein Lagerhouse Brewery in OTR.

June 11th 9-11AM: Official City hall Celebration: 25th Anniversary Celebrations  of the Munich Sister City agreement at Cincinnati City Hall.
June 12th Gala Dinner  7-11PM: At the Hall of Mirrors