For Grown ups!

Travel to India & to our Sister City

Fun, Chaotic, Alive, Squalid, Beautiful,Colorful, an explosion for the senses:  India is all these things, and more.


How can you possibly prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime? India will always be an enigma. What you say is true of India can also be not true.  This is because India is so diverse in its culture across its beautiful land.

Experience Culture, Art, history  or if you prefer to do just Yoga or perhaps just taste the experience, we can arrange that too.


December and May dates

Price $4600

includes airfare, lodging & breakfasts

Visit our sister city, Mysore & Delhi, Agra, Coorg!

Yoga lovers may attend a week of yoga in our sister city, Mysore, while others travel to Coorg to explore wild life and nature.

Contact 513 886 5817

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For info on programs contact the individual sister cities

    For The Indian Film Festival Featuring Indie South Asian films

contact 513 886 5817