Meet Yuta Murase : Intern 2015



Yuta Murase is a student of the Nagoya University studying at the University of Cincinnati. He is due to graduate in History in March of 2017.


Yuta has worked as a Japanese tutor, and raised awareness and financial support for the programs of  the Japan Association for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

He has interned with the Greater Cincinnati Foreign Affairs Council and has worked on  the  promotion of international understanding  and cooperation through  education, research  and engagement in the Cincinnati area.  Mr Murase has made several  presentations about Japanese culture  and language in the Cincinnati area.

In addition he has worked with Northern Kentucky University, Kentucky, America, furthering the cause of global awareness.

Yuta is a member of:
      Nagoya University Gateway to Overseas Studies
      Nagoya University Soccer Club
      University of Cincinnati Model United Nations,

      Nagoya University Model United Nations


We welcome Yuta to Cincinnati and to the Cincinnati Sister Cities!