Gifu Japan

Became a Sister City: May 11, 1987

Population: 413,099

Land Area: 203 miles

Distance from Fountain Square: 6659 mi


Gifu city has a population of 413,070 and is located in central Japan on the island of Honshu. Gifu City is home to natural beauties, rich cultural traditions, modern shops and restaurants and famous hot springs. The region features the famous Nagara River, known for its especially clear waters, which flow through the heart of the city. Gifu is also known for Mt. Kinka, which rises above the heart of the city crowned Gifu Castle, which dates to the 13th century. Gifu City is most famous for its 1300-year-old cormorant fishing tradition, which uses the birds to catch fish attracting thousands of tourists each year.

If you visit the Twin Lakes in Eden Park, you will discover the statue of a cormorant fisherman adjacent to beautiful flowering cherry trees.

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