Mysore India
Became a Sister City: July 11, 2012

Population: 887,446

Land Area: 49.58 square miles

Literacy: 72.79%

Distance from Fountain Square: 8678 miles

ಸ್ವಾಗತ Sv āgata स्वागतम्


A modern day paradox, Mysore is a city that is old yet new, filled with history and old world charm. Today, Mysore is home to modern tech firms and industries and has been cited as the 5th best city in India in which to conduct business by Business Week. Firms like Infosys train 15,000 global employees each year.

Mysore is also home to Ashtanga yoga, the yoga tradition of the Mysore palace; now the strongest yoga tradition around the world and attracts students from around the world to study in its famous schools.

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Dr.Koti SreeKrishna

Dr. Pat Niskode