Kharkiv Ukraine

Became a Sister City: 1989

Population: 1,461,000

Land Area: 120 square miles

Distance from Fountain Square: 5315 miles

Ласкаво просимо

The Russian Invasion

Since the war began on February 24, 2022, life in Kharkiv has not been the same. Located just 25 miles from the Russian border, our Sister City has been on the front lines: the Russian forces have shelled Kharkiv every day. For more information on the invasion and Kharkiv's defense, visit the Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Partnership website:

Kharkiv Sister City History

The Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Partnership has a long history with their colleagues in Ukraine. The partnership was initiated during the Cold War and has provided dozens of opportunities over the last 30 years for people of all ages from both cities to collaborate on projects and form relationships that last a lifetime – just as the Sister City movement intended.

The CKSCP History Committee has been conducting interviews with the key players in a number of initiatives that took place. A digital archive of the oral history will be established and a DVD will be made to capture the stories and spirit of CKSCP.

From 1919 -1934, Kharkiv served as the capital of Soviet Ukraine, and is now Ukraine’s second largest city with 1.6 million inhabitants. A major cultural, educational and industrial center, Kharkiv features 23 institutions of higher education and numerous theaters, museums, churches, cathedrals, parks and gardens.

A well-known example of Ukrainian folk art is the Pysanky – finely detailed decorated Easter eggs in bright contrasting colors using the wax and dye method. Kharkiv is home to Gorky Park, Kharkiv Historical Museum, Shevchenko Park, Kharkiv Art Museum, the Uspensky Cathedral.

A Link to Cincinnati-Kharkiv Sister City Partnership's Website

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