The Application Form will be revised

when travel abroad is possible.


(Individual Sister City requirements may differ)

  • Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident

  • A resident of Greater Cincinnati (determined through council district)

  • A sophomore or junior in high school at the time of application

  • Participate in the group and individual interviews during the specified dates

  • Willing to serve as a Youth Ambassador for the city in which he/she may be selected

If Selected, Each Applicant Must:

  • Participate in all pre-departure meetings and cultural orientations

  • Participate in all activities planned upon return to Cincinnati

  • Provide a copy of your passport a month before departure.

  • Be willing to promote the YAEP and commit a full year to CINUSCA activities after completion of the program

  • Be open to (only if possible or needed) host a visiting Youth Ambassador from the city visited

  • Family members 18+ years of age must consent to a background check

  • Participate in all Youth Ambassador Academy Sessions including workshops, graduation/ ceremonies.

  • Pay a program fee of $100 included in the total fee charged by the respective sister city for the program.

  • The application has to be completed in one sitting. Students cannot start filling out the form and come back to it later. You just need to allot the necessary time to complete it in one sitting. Your answers can be edited. We suggest you down load the pdf and fill out your answers before you attempt to fill the online application.

Contractual Agreements

All Youth Ambassadors and parents/guardians will be required to enter contractual agreement upon being selected for the program. Please review the agreements to fully understand the requirements associated with the YAEP. Additional information or questions in regards to the agreements can be made directly to the Cincinnati Sister Cities office at

Youth Ambassador Responsibility

Each selected Youth Ambassador is expected to obey the laws of the United States and the host country. Youth Ambassadors should be sensitive to cultural differences and not offend the religions, customs or politics of their host country. Youth Ambassadors are not permitted to operate motor vehicles while in their host country during the exchange. Cinusca expects all Youth Ambassadors to be cooperative in every aspect of family living, to be helpful with household duties and to assume the same responsibilities as the other members of the family. All Youth Ambassadors are expected to adapt to and graciously accept the accommodations of the Sister City host, regardless of the host family's income level. Youth Ambassadors are expected to participate in as many activities as possible so that they may learn about life in that community and be able to relate these experiences to the people of Cincinnati upon their return. Youth Ambassadors are required, and families encouraged, to be actively involved in Cincinnati Sister Cities for a full year.

Please note: the Travelers insurance coverage policy lists out all prohibited activities for students. Please read this document with your parent.

Parent Responsibility

Parents are expected to support their daughter's/son's selection as a Youth Ambassador. Each family agrees to host a Youth Ambassador from the Sister City their son/daughter visits for approximately three weeks during late July and early August. Parents should be aware of the responsibilities and requirements for this program and that the Youth Ambassadors will be asked to speak about their experiences throughout the year following their trip. Additional details about parent role and responsibility will be available at the January/February/March informational meeting after the applications are submitted.

Financial Responsibility

Travel expenses to and from the selected sister city, health insurance, and personal expenses will be borne by the Youth Ambassador and his/her family. Each Youth Ambassador will be expected to pay a $325 partially-refundable trip deposit immediately following selection notification. All applicants are encouraged to apply for scholarship/financial assistance to cover participation and hosting expenses. Contact Cincinnati Sister Cities at (513 ) to obtain more information.

(Know how your dollar is spent)

Expenses Breakdown. Know how your dollar is spent. Contact the individual sister city.


CINUSCA will make travel insurance coverage available for Youth Ambassadors in case of illness or injury beginning the day of departure and ending upon return. Purchase of this insurance is the responsibility of each family. This is travel health insurance and is not intended to take the place of standard insurance coverage. It is the responsibility of the Youth Ambassador and parent/guardian to provide additional health insurance coverage applicable in case of illness or injury during the exchange. Each student will complete a health information sheet that will be sent to the host family. This sheet will include all medical information necessary in the event of illness. The Youth Ambassador is expected to follow the reasonable advice of the hosting family. If emergency treatment is required or serious illness occurs, your host family will advise either the local coordinator and/or your parent/guardian.


Each selected Youth Ambassador is responsible for obtaining a valid passport and must provide a copy of his/her passport to the Cinusca office by April of 2014. CINUSCA will handle arrangements for visas (not including fees), if required.

Travel and Tips

The purpose of the Youth Ambassador Exchange Program is to allow Youth Ambassadors from CINUSCA and our Sister Cities the opportunity to learn about each others' city in a unique way. When serving as a Youth Ambassador in your designated Sister City, travel outside of that city is to occur only if your parents/legal guardians have provided prior approval to your host family. When you and your family host your international Youth Ambassador here in Cincinnati, you may travel within the state of Ohio with your exchange Youth Ambassador and are required to participate in ALL CINUSCA organized excursions/trips. You may not travel outside the state of Ohio without prior written permission of the exchange Youth Ambassador's legal guardians and prior permission from CINUSCA. In the event of approved travel outside of Ohio, a copy of your itinerary must be provided to both CINUSCA and the international Youth Ambassador's legal guardians.

Schedule Changes

The CINUSCA Youth Ambassadors will travel to and from their assigned cities as a delegation with other CINUSCA Youth Ambassadors. Students will always travel in groups of 2-10. No chaperones/adults travel with the students. If airline schedules change due to weather, missed connections, mechanical problems, etc., the Youth Ambassadors are required to stay with the CINUSCA delegation as a group.